A New Generation PolymerPREMACLEAN®

Waterless Dyeing System for Indigo and Sulfur Dyeing Processing of the Denim

Avantgarde, Safer and More SustainablePREMACLEAN Technology

Multifunctional Polymeric Product for Sulphur and Indigo Dyeing Process

PREMACLEAN Technology is based on a polymer product which reacts with the dyestuff as well  as with the fibre.

Physically it forms a long polymer net or chain that creates a ring resin effect which blocks the lost of dyestuff, and accelerates the exclusive ring dyeing characteristics.

PREMACLEAN Technology is an avantgarde dyeing process with min. impact on the cotton fibres’ natural characteristics.
The exquisite treatment of cotton, prevents any hydrolysis of natural fats and waxes, keeping its original elasticity and softness.

We understand that the future of the textile industry must be very different to its present condition: excessive consumption of water which later has to be treated in waste water recycling plants and excessive production of sub- products which are difficult to deal with and eliminate from the environment

Eco-efficient Approach PREMACLEAN

A Broad Scope, given The Uniqueness and Exclusivity of The Product

The ultimate aim of eco-efficiency is to achieve significant reductions in the total use of natural resources

PREMACLEAN System‘s Eco-efficient approach is based on:

  • Water conservation: by means of using specific dyeing processes

  • Energy conservation: minimizing CO2

  • Minimizing cotton waste.

  • Minimizing the production of wastewater: less chemical treatment of water.

  • Using an environmentally friendly pack: GOTS approved chemicals and auxiliaries

And applying PREMACLEAN system, it is not a utopia to save 90-100% of the water used for after washing of Sulfur Black Over-dye on Denim fabric.

Waterless Solution ChemistryPREMACLEAN

Chemistry without any Compromise on Superficiality and Quality of the Denim.

PREMACLEAN has been developed for the dyeing systems as follows:

Denim Ranges:

  • Water-less Process with Pure Indigo Technology

  • Ring Dyeing Effect Technology.

There are many cases where PREMACLEAN can help solve current problems of dyeing, and having PREMACLEAN a broad scope, given the uniqueness and exclusivity of the product, and the technological system, our technical department is ready and available to work together with our partners, finding the best application system depending on the facilities, the dyeing system aiming to achieve the best result in each case.

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